The Best Physical Therapists You’ll Find

When I found out I tore my ACL a year ago, I was absolutely devastated. Having done the same thing to my other knee 10 years earlier, I knew what lay ahead of me in terms of surgery and rehabilitation. That being said, I am so grateful I found The Basketball Doctors because the minute I started my rehab they have been nothing short of amazing. I worked mostly with Marco several times a week for a year to get myself back into fighting shape and I can honestly say I am in way better shape now than I was before the injury. Not only are they incredibly knowledgable about PT and knee injuries in general, but they are honest, hard-working and genuinely fun people to be around. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes in your recovery when you are looking forward to your PT sessions. They challenged me during the workouts, but also provided care with the utmost compassion. My recovery progressed a lot quicker than I expected, I was up and walking within 2 weeks. Marco was super accommodating with my schedule, especially when it changed drastically 6 months into things. Once I was cleared to return to sport, Marco also set me up with gym workouts to prevent any re-injury in the future. I refer anyone I can to these guys, I truly cannot recommend them enough.