For Coaches:

  • Contact us regarding our recovery booth and sessions for your athletes. 
  • Ideal for coaches who have a big tournaments and want their players feeling fresh.
  • We come to your tournament the entire day and provide recovery sessions for players as they wait for their next game.
  • Our staff is EMR (Emergency Medical Response) certified to help provide medical coverage for tournaments. 

For Athletes:

Contact us to help provide you with the recovery tools you need to perform without soreness. If you are too busy with school and practice, let us come to you! We will bring our recovery tools and a treatment table to help improve your recovery and mobility.  

Our Recovery Tools:

  • Manual Treatment: Soft Tissue Mobilization, Graston/IASTM, Stretching, Cupping
  • Recovery Boots
  • Percussion Therapy (Hypervolt, Theragun)
  • Blood Flow Restriction Recovery 

Contact us to help you stay fresh and recover during your season!