Performance Training

Quick Information:

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are experts in movement, biomechanics, and musculoskeletal pathologies. We aim to optimize movement to unlock athlete’s and individual’s greatest potential, while significantly reducing one’s risk of injury or re-injury.

Injury Prevention & Basketball Movement Screen:

  • The lower extremity accounts for approximately two thirds of basketball-related injuries in both games and practices.
  • 64% of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are from a non-contact mechanism, meaning there was a faulty movement that led to this injury.
  • 45% of ankle injuries occurred during landing; 30% sustained during a cutting (twist/turn) maneuver 
  • Knee is the area reported as the greatest occurrence of overuse injuries
  • Although we can not prevent all of these injuries we can help significantly reduce the risk of the injury.  

We have created an evidence-informed basketball movement screen to identify players at risk for injuries through several foundational movements. We utilize this information to determine if muscles and joints lack mobility, strength or stability.  Upon completing our movement screen we design an individualized program to help reduce your risk for injury, as well as, athletes wanting to safely return to basketball following injury.

Blood Flow Restriction Training:

  • Why Blood Flow Restriction Training ?
    • Improve Muscle Size/Strength Faster
    • Maintain Strength In-Season
    • Reduce Wear & Tear
    • Increase Workout Efficiency 
  • Improve your muscle strength and size in as little as 6 sessions. 
  • Perform blood flow restriction training under a certified owens recovery science provider.
  • We use the Personalized Tourniquet System for Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (PBFR), manufactured by Delfi Medical Innovations.
  • This unit is specifically designed to safely regulate and control tourniquet pressure for PBFR applications and includes advanced personalized and safely features.  
  • Blood flow restriction training is performed with a Delfi tourniquet used on a proximal limb to limit arterial inflow blocking venous outflow to improve strength/hypertrophy with 30% 1 RM loads in as little as in 2 weeks.  

Strength & Conditioning Programming:

Do you need a program to help you reach your goals of staying healthy, reducing risk for injury and improving your performance? 

We help create an individualized program that will target your individual needs to help you reach your goals. We will design monthly programs to improve your mobility, stability and strength. Each month the program comes with personalized videos with explanations of the exercises/stretches performed that month. 

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