Osgood Schlatter's Disease Management Program

Online Progressive Program to Overcome Osgood Schlatter’s Disease


OPTIMIZE Your Movement

OVERCOME The Disease

1 in 10 youth athletes suffer from Osgood Schlatter’s Disease that limits sports participation for up to 12-16 months. If left untreated it could lead to an avulsion fracture, in which the “bump” is pulled away from the bone and could lead to surgery. The good news is that we can help you take control, overcome the disease, and get you back to playing sports!

What is the Program?

The Osgood Schlatters’ Disease Management Program was developed by Doctors of Physical therapy with over 16+ years of clinical expertise. This is a progressive step-by-step program to help you appropriately manage your symptoms, especially during flare-ups, while addressing common muscular imbalances and optimize movement mechanics to be able to return to playing basketball and living an active lifestyle.

Although, there is no cure for Osgood Schlatters’ Disease, we believe that an athlete can be proactive in their rehab and recovery while they grow out of this pathology!

Ultimately, our program is designed to get you back into playing basketball, and to take advantage of the time that you’re off from playing!

$ 54
One Time Payment
  • Progressive 8-Week Online Program​
  • 150+ Detailed Step-By-Step Exercise Videos​
  • Informational PDF Resources​
  • Offload, Mobility, Progressive Strengthening & Movement Re-Training​
  • Lifetime Access

Check Out These Sample Videos

Bretzel Stretch

SL Hip Thruster on Toes

Proper Squat Form

Who is this Program for?

Athletes suffering from Osgood Schlatter's Disease.

Take control of the disease; there is more you can do than just resting.

Use your time off the court, to become a more well rounded athlete and optimize your movement!

Proactive Athletes & Parents wanting to prevent this preventable disease.

Osgood Schlatter’s Disease is a highly preventable disease secondary to it being inherently an overuse injury. 

The best rehab is NO rehab AKA Prehab!

Youth athletes learn how to correct your imbalances to not only prevent Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, but to promote longevity

Built on Research & Expertise

Exercise selection and prescription backed by scientific evidence

  • Sorted though hundreds of research papers: systematic reviews and randomized controlled studies
  • Complied the most relevant information

16+ Years of Combined Physical Therapists’ Clinical Experience

  • Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Graduated from the #1 Ranked Physical Therapy School in the Nation: University of Southern California
  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Successful stories from countless of athletes

PDF Resources with key information to guide your rehab and return to playing basketball

What Our Community is Saying:

Customer Rating
Tim C.
Tim C.
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“This program was great for both my boys who were battling with Osgood Schlatters and growing pains. It is simple to use and very informative”
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“My son was dealing with this injury on both his knees (left worse than right) after he grew about 5 inches. Our doctor told us that all we needed to do was rest. After coming across this program, we consistently saw improvement and learned how to manage his knees. Although he wasn't playing as much, he improved in other parts of his game. Highly recommend you buy these guys' program!"
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“My son has been dealing with Osgood schlatters due to his recent growth spurt and this program has shown us how to manage his symptoms and allow him to continue playing sports”

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for any athlete boy or girl dealing with Osgood Schlatter’s Disease to help manage their symptoms. We make it easy for you to decrease and manage your symptoms all at the comfort of your own home.

It is designed for athletes of all sports and ages who are dealing with Osgood Schlatter’s Disease. This is especially great for any athlete participating in basketball, volleyball, football or soccer due to the increased quadriceps contractions leading to Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen countless numbers of patients and athletes suffering from Osgood Schlatter’s Disease. Using the latest evidence based research and years of combined clinical experience we have designed an effective Osgood Schlatter’s Disease that anyone can follow with little equipment at home.

You should have learned how to manage and eventually overcome Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, while improving the overall function of your knee.

Use the PDF resources that we provided to help guide your recovery.

Foam Roller

Theraloop or resistance loop

Weights (dumbbell, kettlebell, household items)


The Osgood Schlatter’s Disease Management Program includes exercise videos with verbal and written instructions of over 100 videos. Each exercise provides you with detailed instruction and cuing, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. We also tell you exactly how many reps, sets and rest periods should be done per exercise.  

The program will take you through a step-by-step progression on what we believe is the perfect progression of exercises to help you manage your symptoms. These exercises will focus on strengthening, mobility and stability to decrease your symptoms and get you back to playing sports.

The Osgood Schlatter’s Management Program is a total of 14 weeks. Each week consists of 5 training days, with 3 days being your longer rehab days (45-60 minutes) and the other two days being shorter (30 minutes), which are focused on unique goals.

Once you have purchased it, you can start right away! You will receive an email showing you how to sign in and get started right away. After signing into The Basketball Doctors App, the program can be used via our Basketball Docs app on your iPhone, Android, computer, iPad or whichever device that is compatible with our app. 

We suggest starting the program right away since we include different phases in which we offload the knee early on, then we begin gradually loading it.