Online Training & Rehab

How does the Virtual Consultation work?

We will connect through a 45-minute Google Hangout, Skype, or FaceTime session, in which we learn more about your health/medical history, training habits, current training program, and goals. We will then proceed towards analyzing your movement; therefore, if needed, we will have you record specific movements and send us those videos for analysis. During the consultation, we will go over those videos with you and begin programming to optimize your movement to meet your goals.  


Following the consultation we will give you a full exercise/mobility program to do for the next 4 weeks with at least 1 15-minute follow-up session upon completion of the 4-week program. You will also have lifetime access to our email to continue making adjustments to your exercise/mobility program.  

Quick Information:

  • Initial Evaluation of 45-minute Google Hangout, Skype or FaceTime session
  • Full programming for 4 weeks
  • 1-2 15-minute follow-up sessions to make adjustments as needed
  • Most importantly, education to take care of yourself!

Who do you do Virtual Consultations for?

  • Athletes & Individuals
    • These athletes or individuals are searching for movement re-training to unlock greater potential and significantly reduce risk of injury/re-injury by optimizing movement.
    • As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are experts in movement, and we will help you master the foundation movements and break bad habits.
  • Coaches & Trainers
    • For coaches and trainers that are seeing a movement screen for their athletes to assess risk for injury.
    • We currently offer an evidence-based movement screen to assess a basketball athlete’s risk for the most common injuries that occur in basketball.

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