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In basketball athletes, achilles tendon pain accounts for 4.1% in the NBA, and 11% in male and 2% in female collegiate level-athletes of all reported injuries. 60%-80% of these athletes that report achilles tendinopathy, AKA tendon pain, described a sudden change or increase in basketball-related intensity or duration. Depending on the severity of an achilles tendon injury, you could miss from 1 week to 6 months of basketball related activities. Furthermore, 4.0% of patients who were previously diagnosed with Achilles tendinopathy sustained an Achilles tendon rupture, which would result in a 12-16 month recovery.

What is the Program?

The Achilles Tendon P/Rehab Program was crafted by doctors of physical therapy and movement specialists. It was developed to guide you step-by-step in getting back to your favorite activities without discomfort!

This program is all about getting a healthy and strong Achilles Tendon while enhancing your mobility, strength, and movement. We’ll cover exercises to help you optimize your mobility, build high Achilles Tendon tissue capacity, and develop proper movement mechanics. From proper stretching techniques to progressions back to sport specific activities, our program is designed to prepare you for whatever challenges come your way!

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$ 59
One Time Payment
  • 8-Week Program; 5 Training Days per Week
  • 150+ Step-By-Step Vdieo Guided Exercises
  • PDF Resources to Help Guide You Along The Way
  • Sport-Specific & Plyometric Training
  • Lifetime Access

Check Out These Sample Videos

Negative Step POGO

DL Box Jump

Rebounding SL Heel Raises

Program Highlights:

  • 8-Week Program for proper tissue and muscle adaptations
  • Appropriate for All Athletes of any age or skill level
  • Simple & detailed Step-By-Step Instructional Videos
  • Increase Tendon Loading Capacity to meet demands of basketball or other sports.
  • Reduce Risk of Future Injuries and minimize existing symptoms
  • Improve Your Mobility to optimize your movement
  • Increase Lower Body Strength to maximize your athletic potential 
  • Learn Proper Landing Mechanics to accept and disperse load appropriately to reduce injury risk
  • Progressive Jumps to return to jumping and be able to participate in other jumping program
  • Objective Measurements to track your progress throughout the program

Built on Research & Expertise

Exercise selection and prescription backed by scientific evidence

  • Sorted though hundreds of research papers: systematic reviews and randomized controlled studies
  • Complied the most relevant information

Over 15-years of combined Physical Therapy clinical experience

  • Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Graduated from the #1 Ranked Physical Therapy School in the Nation: University of Southern California
  • National Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Helped thousands of athletes of all levels meet their goals

Successful stories from countless of athletes

Basketball Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Achilles Tendon P/Rehab Program is great for any basketball player or athlete of all ages and skill levels that is dealing with any achilles tendon issues. Furthermore, it is great for individuals that want to keep their achilles tendon healthy and prevent any future tendon issues. We make it easy for you to take care of your achilles tendon and reduce the risk of discomfort from coming again.

It is for any athlete of any age, who wants to take care of their achilles tendon while to optimize their foot and ankle health! The program is more specific for jumping athletes, such as basketball and volleyball.  

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen hundreds of patients and athletes come in with achilles tendon pain in the past several years. Using the latest evidence based research and our clinical experience we have designed an effective achilles tendon rehab program for anyone can follow.

  • To learn how to take care & manage your achilles tendon discomfort
  • To develop proper strength, flexibility, tendon loading capacity, and movement mechanics
  • To reduce the risk of recurrent achilles tendon issues 
  • To return to your sport & activities!

This program requires very little equipment. All you would need is:

  • Foam Roller / Massage Gun
  • Tennis/Lacrosse Ball
  • Air-ex Pad/Pillows/Blankets/Towel
  • Basketball or Ball
  • Weights (Kettle Bell, Dumbbell, Household Items)
  • Elevated Surface (Box, Bench)
  • Theraloop or resistance loop. If you don’t have access to one, you can purchase a set by CLICKING HERE

Theraband Loops

The Achilles Tendon P/Rehab Program includes exercise videos with verbal instructions of over 150 videos. Each exercise provides you with details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. We also tell you exactly how many reps, sets, and rest periods should be done per exercise. 

The program will take you through a step-by-step progression on what we believe is the ideal progression of exercises to help you rehab your achilles tendon. These exercises will focus on strength, mobility, and stability to get you back jumping, running, and playing sports.

The Achilles Tendon P/Rehab Program is an 8-week online program consisting of 5 training days per week. 3 of the 5 days being your big rehab days (45-60 minutes). While the other 2 days being shorter (around 20-30 minutes) with an emphasis of an active recovery day. The final 2 days of each week of the program are used for you to rest and prepare for the next week of the program.

Once you have purchased it, you can start right away! 

You will receive an email showing you how to sign in and get started right away. After signing into The Basketball Doctors App, the program can be used via our Basketball Docs app on your iPhone, Android, computer, iPad or whichever device that is compatible with our app.

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