Ball For Life!

Our Mission:

To empower the basketball community with evidence-based information relevant to injuries, injury prevention, and rehabilitation, as well as, movement re-training to optimize performance of all skill level athletes.

Our Story:

     As avid basketball players as children, the love for the game continued to grow throughout our lives. From watching the game being played at all levels to attending basketball camps to going through the ups and down of our own basketball journey. We each experienced numerous injuries and set-backs, which exposed us to the realization that our childhood dreams of playing in the NBA was not a realistic goal. As a result, we re-evaluated our goals and focused on our education, which led us to becoming Doctors of Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. 

     Equipped with our attained knowledge throughout our educational careers, we wanted to combine our passions for healthcare, movement, biomechanics, and basketball to provide information, care, and training for the basketball community.  Although playing basketball for a career is no longer the driving force of staying connected to basketball, we hope to make a positive impact on the game we love by helping and collaborating with anyone involved in the basketball community to meet a common goal; whether it be making the high school/collegiate team, playing in weekly recreational leagues for life, or optimizing movement and skills to play recreationally and professionally.

The Basketball Doctors - Gabriel Ignacio Physical Therapist

Dr. Gabriel Ignacio


Gabe, a California’s Bay Area native, developed an early passion in both academics and sports, excelling particularly in basketball and golf. He competed in these sports throughout his adolescence, receiving offers to walk on for Division I university golf teams. However, he chose to focus on his academics and basketball, joining the University of the Pacific’s practice team and participating in recreational sports during his college years. Gabe graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and Psychology in 2014, and was recognized as an Outstanding Senior.

In 2017, Gabe earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. He began his career in a clinic specializing in orthopedics and concussion/vestibular rehabilitation. He then transitioned to a sports performance clinic, where he worked with athletes of all levels, from youth to professional. He had the privilege of working with professional athletes, which included athletes from the NFL, NBA, G-League, UFC, NHL, and MLB.

In 2020, Gabe achieved national board certification as an orthopedic clinician. Leveraging his expertise, he co-founded The Basketball Doctors, an online platform dedicated to educating, rehabilitating, and enhancing performance for the global basketball community.

In 2021, Gabe became the medical director and head physiotherapist for a professional rugby team competing nationally and internationally. This role allowed him to collaborate with healthcare providers and coaches from around the world, including South Africa, Fiji, France, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, Canada, and Mexico.

Outside the clinic, Gabe enjoys working out, playing various sports, and engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and snowboarding.

Gabe is dedicated to using his knowledge, passion, and expertise to help others achieve successful rehabilitation and reach their goals.

The Basketball Doctors - Marco Lopez Physical Therapist

Dr. Marco Lopez


Marco, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, developed a passion for sports from a young age, excelling in basketball, soccer, swimming, and water polo. However, his basketball career was cut short by multiple injuries, leading him to discover his interest in physical therapy.

Marco earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in Applied Physiology from USC, where he worked as a Student Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapy Aide with the basketball, football, and volleyball teams.

After graduating in 2017 from USC’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, Marco moved to Hermosa Beach and started his career in private practice. His own ACL reconstruction in December 2017 fueled a strong interest in ACL rehabilitation.

When not in the clinic, Marco enjoys working out, playing various sports, and supporting his favorite teams: the Trojans, Lakers, Dodgers, and Rams.

His personal and professional experiences continue to drive his commitment to helping others recover and excel in their physical activities.